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Founder and President of Kids At Hope, Rick Miller talks about his experiences working with Brad Zinn

Performer/Producer Paul Lennon speaks about "The Great Comedians"
from a producer's perspective

See what audiences think!

Reviews and Audience Comments
about the one man play,
"The Great Comedians -
Those Felt Hat and
Big Cigar Funny Men"


Brad Zinn you were wonderful entertainment on March 16th at our Saguaro Luncheon. I laughed so hard my mascara was running down my face. As coordinator for the entertainment I had so many people come and tell me how much they enjoyed your program. You made my day especially happy as it was my birthday. We definitely want to bring you back again someday.

Chris Chaillie


Mr. Zinn,

I wanted to express my deepest appreciation and say how delighted we were to have you perform for our Saguaro Program on Thursday, March 16th. We thoroughly enjoyed your performance! I laughed so much, and loved the audience participation! Seeing dear friends willing to get on stage not knowing what their experience might be! WE LOOK FORWARD TO HAVING YOU BACK IN THE FALL!!

Warm regards,

Tawn Watkins, Saguaro Chair
Paradise Valley, AZ


From 1947 to 1959 I worked for NBC...It was my good fortune to rub shoulders with and work with all of the NBC stars...I want you to know that your portrayal of Jack Benny, George Burns, Red Skelton and all, brought tears to my eyes. It was so realistic and so reminiscent of a wonderful 12 years at NBC in my young life. You did an absolutely marvelous job...and the memories it brought back were priceless.
Blake Chatfield

Now I must share with you the pleasure and excitement I had the good fortune to enjoy at the Palace Restaurant in Prescott. I witnessed a most professional and well staged performance by Brad Zinn, a comic impressionist. This man is phenomenal, a perfectionist at recreating nostalgic memories of past great comics: comedians like Jack Benny, George Burns, Red Skelton, Groucho Marx, and a host of others....To watch this fantastic and talented entertainer assume the appearance and mannerisms of these legendary showmen was spectacular in its own right. He looked and sounded so authentic that if you weren't aware it was an impersonation, you'd believe in reincarnation.
Doc Gill, Out 'N About Magazine

Brad Zinn (and his lovely wife Brenda) put on a magnificent show of the legends of comedy featuring greats like W.C. Fields, Groucho Marx, George Burns, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, and even the beloved Will Rogers, complete with roping lasso! An audience of a thousand of the Sun City retirement community turned out to enjoy Brad's mastery of impersonations. His tremendous interpretations of the presence, voice, and facial expressions of these entertainers set us all in a whirl.
Michelle Malik, President, Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society

In a word, the performance was FANTASTIC. ...a well researched and flawlessly performed tribute to the comedic greats. I like how you step out of character every so often to give little bits of insight that help the audience understand why the comedians you impersonate are still important today. In fact, it's amazing that the material is not only funny but much of it is still relevant. As a program arranger, it was great to work with you and Brenda. You make a great team. From the first contact, through the planning and day of show; offstage, before and after the was a pleasure. Well organized...I appreciated your attention to detail, punctuality, and great attitude. Thanks for keeping their spirit alive.
Matt Neeley, Raytheon, RTMC Program Chairman

On Wednesday, March 11th, in our community of IronOaks at Sun Lakes, we had the opportunity to share an amazing experience. With the likes of Johnny Carson, George Burns, W.C. Fields, Jack Benny, Will Rogers, Groucho Marx, Jimmy Durante, Ed Sullivan...and Red Skelton just to mention a few. All of these performers inspired Brad Zinn to make one of the more legendary performances I have ever seen. Brad is an amazing entertainer, recounting his childhood memories of these golden age great legends. His impersonations of these great men were not only to perfection, but the dialogue was incredibly delivered, bringing heart to every character. Not only do I applaud his performance, but strongly suggest that everyone see this one of a kind show. Thank you for your professionalism in bringing this quality of entertainment to our community.
Janette Belak, Activities Director, IronOaks, Sun Lakes


Last night it was my distinct pleasure to enjoy a fantastic evening at the Old Town Center For The Arts, a newly renovated vintage theater located at 5th Street and Main.  This theater is the creation of world-famous Guitarist William Eaton and his wife. I loved this theater and all the people associated with it. The evening was a wonderful journey back in time to enjoy the Great Comedians that we enjoyed in the past.  Brad Zinn truly makes you feel that you are there with each comedian he presents.  His performance of Red Skelton had me laughing with joy. Almost more importantly, I felt the love from the heart of Red Skelton. It was truly as if Red was standing there in person. Thank you for a very special evening. You made me laugh and remember the love I still feel for those great comedians of the past.
Daniel Stief - Creator of Sedona Talk Radio


We truly appreciate your talent, sentiment and the courage it took to make such a career decision. Surely those you pay tribute to are applauding along with your audiences.
Bettie & Dick Setz

Having seen the act recently, I was afforded the luxury of spending part of the time watching the audience and their reactions to particular moments during the show. I'm sure by now that you are aware that there are people in the audience being overcome with emotions other than just laughter. When George Burns first turns around to face the audience, it is almost too much to absorb. The effect is uncanny. If you insist on continuing this act you had better consider handing out tissues at the door. That's two tissues each. One for the tears of laughter and one for the tears of joy.
Mick Welsh

I just wanted to tell you what a GREAT job you did at our event on Saturday, March 14th. It was fantastic. You and your wife, Brenda, were absolutely wonderful, friendly, and professional. The members loved the show!  It really topped off our member/guest event week! Thanks so much! Brad you were absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!
Linda Wolf, CEO Union Hills CC

Thanks to Brad Zinn and Event Masters Group for bringing such a great show to
our community!

Campbell River, British Columbia

I really enjoyed your show and firmly believe you deserved the standing ovation at the end of it! Keep up the wonderful work. Both my teen-aged boys laughed at the jokes even though they were "old." Jonathan and Mark have been even reciting them over the weekend as they liked the jokes so much.
Diane Mills

Saw your act at Sunflower Resort and it was one of the best shows I've ever had the pleasure of attending. I've been around some. (I'm from Liverpool, England) You were just outstanding!
Les & Kate Morris

I just spoke with our client and a New York publicist couldn't have scripted a better litany of praise and thanks! What was great to hear was, not only did she appreciate you as a terrific talent who made the show, but that she really enjoyed being with you and Brenda throughout the evening. Great job...!
Steve Ruskin, Eagles Talent Agency

WOW – what a performance.  Brad’s show reminded me of the variety shows that we used to love so much.  He was awesome and moved so smoothly between each of his characters that you were kept entertained the entire show.  It was wonderful to hear Johnny Carson, George Burns, Will Rogers and so many others back on stage. All of our Patrons came out of the show raving about the performance and how much fun they had.  What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank you for all your help with everything.  Both Brad and Brenda are wonderful to work with and we all really appreciate the shout-out to Drew (Sound Tech) and Danielle (Lighting Tech) for all their hard work.  Not many of our entertainers think about thanking those behind the scenes for helping the show run smoothly.

Sandy Ramsey
Lees-McRae College


My name is Terri Langdon and I am the Vibrant Life Director for a senior living community called the Montecito. Each month our community holds an “After Dark” event which goes above and beyond our regular activities. I booked Brad Zinn to do his “Great Comedians” act which I found to be very professional. His material was funny and he remained engaged with his audience the whole evening. I received a great deal of feedback from our residents on how much they enjoyed the show and when we could have him return. On the whole, Brad gave a stellar performance and worth every penny!

Terri Langdon
Vibrant Life Director


From the audience:

(This is from a young lady of high school age who attended my show in New York and bought a souvenir DVD afterwards….I hope this will answer all the critics that say my show can’t possibly appeal to anyone under the age of 60. This letter is pretty strong evidence that there are young people that can be reached, and WILL appreciate what I have set out to do. )

Hello Mr. Zinn,

I certainly hope you remember me. I went to your show in Gouvernour and you autographed my copy of your DVD (you put a heart on mine). I know it's very strange that I'm messaging you, especially so soon after your show, but after meeting you, I simply couldn't wait to get home and message you about the show.
I know you're a busy man, but I really wanted to tell you again that you're show was amazing. I enjoyed every moment of it thoroughly and I'm still trying to get over how wonderful it was.

Along with that, being able to meet you was amazing, as well. I was so happy to hear that I made your day just by attending. I was almost in tears when your face lit up. You gave me one of the most amazing experiences in my life, and I will never forget it. I thank you for that.

As I said, I know you're busy, but I know it can be nice to hear from a fan about how they appreciate all the hard work you put into performing. I wish you good luck on the rest of your tour and hope you affect as people as much as you affected me.

Keep laughing.


And here is a follow up email from the same young lady:

Hello Mr. Zinn,

I hope you are doing well. I know this is extremely random, but I wanted to tell you something that happened at school thanks to your Great Comedians tour.

In my class, we had an assignment to write a persuasive speech on any topic. I know, most people would have chosen serious topic, such as politics. Fortunately, I'm not a serious person in the best of times, so I decided to write a speech based on your show. I compared modern day comedians to the great comedians. I found it very unfortunate that the children in my class never heard of George Burns or WC Fields. I tried to do my best impersonations (though it's very difficult for a teenage girl to act like George Burns) and told many jokes that you used in your performance. The kids seemed really interested in my topic, some even went onto YouTube to watch some of the acts available. Now I can talk about Gertrude and Heathcliff and my friends understand the reference. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but I just felt like you should know that I have been spreading the laughter around just as you asked me to. Thank you again.



"Was great!!! A wonderful medicine for broken hearts."

".... you are the best. Your impersonations were great, it really sounded like the people from the good old days!"

".... you really took off with your impersonations - GREAT!! You will wind up in Las Vegas someday! (From a New Yorker!)"

"Excellent show. Brad has the right figure and personality for this "Good Old Fashioned" type of entertainment!"

"This is the most enjoyable program I have been to in five years.....Keep up the good work!"

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