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Since 2000!

Mission Statement

To entertain the generations who remember the 20th Century's greatest comedians with authentic recreations of their genius and to introduce new generations to their clean, timeless humor in order that their contributions
will not be forgotten.

   Welcome to comedy impressionist
Brad Zinn's
"The Great Comedians -
Those Felt Hat and Big Cigar Funny Men"

on the web!

    The greatest comedians of the 20th Century moved from vaudeville to movies to radio to television and kept America laughing through the Great Depression, two World Wars, and the Baby Boom.

    We believe their contributions should be preserved for future generations to know what good clean, timeless humor is all about. Our desire is to keep their memories alive in the hearts of as many folks as we can reach with our show. If the world ever needed a few good, clean laughs, it's now!

    This is a show that will touch your heart with laughter and love in a very special and unforgettable way.


    To learn more about comedian impressionist Brad Zinn in "The Great Comedians" please explore our site, and don't forget to check the "Links" page where you'll find valuable online resources to learn more about the most beloved comedians of the 20th Century.

    Thanks for visiting and come back often!!

Thank you to the
Official Red Skelton Festival
in Vincennes, Indiana (Red's birthplace and hometown) and the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) for two headline engagements at the
Red Skelton
Performing Arts Center

Thank you Paul Stone of
Hands On Events and Rotary Clubs of London for a wonderful experience - performing at the world famous
London Palladium!

Thank you Paul Stone for including
"The Great Comedians"
in your latest production of
"Variety Live in the Afternoon" at the
SunCoast Resort and Casino
in Las Vegas!
They were both a smashing success!

Thank you to the
Sapphire Comedy Spot in fabulous Las Vegas for making the Great Comedians the Emcee and featured act for their
5th Year Anniversary Show
March 2017

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